Vst-Amp 2.0 & Bass Vst-Amp 1.0

Vst-Amp is a synthedit made vst driver for the V-amp products.

It sends midi signals to control the hardware.


It loads as a VSTI but doesn't recive midi signals, except patch change.

It is fully automated, so you can write automation tracks in your favorite VST Host program.




} Vst-Amp 2.0 part1                 

} Vst-Amp 2.0 part2


} Bass Vst-Amp 1.0 part1         

} Bass Vst-Amp 1.0 part2



The cabs into braquets are the cabs that are never associated with any amp by default.

You can edit time with knob, bpm value and ms value for delays timing.



How does it work?


It loads as a synth, but doesn't send any audio signal, only midi.

So you need to make that midi ouput go to your hardware midi output, and plug it to your v-amp midi in.




V-ampCS is a VSTI that changes V-amp's knobs midi signals into whatever midi signal you wish.

The aim is to use your V-amp as a control surface to trigger your VST plugins in realtime.


Plug your V-amp's midi output to that plugin input, and it'll output the desired midi signals.

You can choose both CC# and Channel# for each rotary knob.



} V-ampCS