Gate Fish


Gatefish is a MIDI effect.



} Gatefish


Gate fish doesn't produce any sound.

It detects attacks and volume (if in envelope mode) and retriggers it to midi cc.

It's a good alternative for Reason style routing.

1 - Put it as an insert effect on any audio out.

2 - Put it as a midi input of a midi track and put the target synth or effect as output of this track .

3 - On GateFish, choose the midi cc that that correspond to the parameter you want to be controled.


It works great on a rythmic output.


Features :


Sens :


    determins gate sensibility. If turned too low, it will cause fish's left cheek to stay red.


Vol :


    adjusts the max level of influence on the midi cc.

    Fish's right cheek reacts to that signal to figure midi cc's movement.

    7h to 12h setting will produce max to min variations.

    12h to 5h setting will produce min to max variations.

    So 12h setting wil produce a very small variation from 0 to 1 or 2.

    Turning it to something like 11h59 will let the cc stay up to 127.

    Absolute 12h is difficult to obtain but you planned to make a parameter move didn't you?